Dice Mage Hack for Unlimited Gems


dice-mageDice Mage Hack for Unlimited Gems :

Dice Mage Hack is the best option we can give to the gamers community who are struggling to win in the game. This hack tool is made by a group of skilled programmers who are irritated with the limitations inside the game. This tool allows you to generate unlimited Gems without exhausting your hard earned money. This tool is tested and working on all android and iOS powered phones and gadgets. You just need to enter how many resources you want in the hack and press the ‘Generate’ button. Using this cheat tool is the best way to rise to the top of the game without spending a dime on in app purchases from game market. If you are frustrated by other gamers playing better than you, don’t worry, just use this hack to beat them easily in the game.

Our Dice Mage Hack tool works based on a loophole or an exploit found in the game servers. Using this exploit our team has developed this wonderful piece of software. Using this cheat tool is completely safe as it is scripted with proxy feature keeping you anonymous while hacking the game. Jailbreak or root is not necessary to use this cheat. The application is compatible with all mobile devices, it doesn’t matter it Android or iOS. Of course it also works on computers with MAC / Windows and Linux.

Features : Dice Mage Hack

  • Firstly it works on Android and iOS devices only [iOS device in the sense includes all iPhones and iPads]
  • The Root access is not required to use this tool
  • The hack tool connects to server via a proxy system – so more safe
  • Easy to use and anyone with basic knowledge can use this tool
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Instructions for getting more Gems:

  1. You can get the Dice Mage Hack from above link.
  2. Once you downloaded, open it and run the app.
  3. No installation required – just run it
  4. Enter the amount of Gems your required and apply hack [We recommend not to add more than 10000 Gems, and use it max of 4-5 times a day]
  5. Wait for the hack to complete fully – be patience


How we differ from other cheat providers :
  • Our cheat tool supports almost all the latest devices
  • We got inbuilt proxy system to make you stay anonymous
  • The cheat tool other websites provide are useless and mostly filled with viruses and malwares.
  • We got our Dice Mage cheat tool always updates to work with latest versions of the game.
  • Many Dice Mage users will tell you to use Hex editor or GameCIH , but we bet they wont work ..
  • Only our hack tool works.

Game info :

DICE MAGE is really a spell combat RPG with magical exploding dice. Explore floating worlds, fight enemies and win loot in high-stakes games of chance on a mission to defeat evil. 


Terrifying demons, ugly ogres, ghoulish ghosts, ghastly ghouls and more stand in your way. Use your cunning and magical explosive dice to defeat them!

Eight different worlds with randomly generated encounters, treasure and paths to discover. Power towards victory by defeating foes and spending your hard earned spoils playing games of chance. 

Combat is decisive and simple. The greatest roller hurls magical explosive dice. We mentioned spells right? Roll the right number and see your enemy increase in flames, get stricken by lightning, or leached of health.

High-stakes games of chance offer great rewards. Push your luck to unlock mighty artifacts!

Drop Fire, Ice, and Lightning in your foes. Or, add spinning enchanted blades to your dice. Find powerful spellbooks to rain devastation on all who oppose you!


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